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Time travel and sort-of time travel

I loved The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley. I have written about my love for time-travel stories before, and this one goes on that list, and probably will be on my favorites list at the end of the year. I love it when a book gets into the emotional or social problems that could happen in time travel and not just the physics. The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenha came to mind while I was reading this.

This is the kind of reading experience that I love- I carried it around with me and read on my work breaks, while I was eating, any spare minute. It was more of a romance than I was expecting or like, and I don't like when real historical figures are written into fiction, but that's just me. The time travel stuff was fascinating- I won't go into too much bc spoilers, but there were characters from different time periods interacting, trying to adjust to a new time period, bad guys from maybe another time period? It was pretty suspenseful at times. It has about 80 blurbs from famous writers, and I was nervous because I'd been very excited and thought, "oh it's so over-hyped, that's always a let down," but it wasn't! It was so good.

I tried listening to the audiobook of The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton) and I just couldn't get into it. I don't know why- it wasn't the narration (James Cameron Stewart). I do think that the speed was bothering me- I felt like it was going slow, but I don't like the sound of sped-up narration, especially in fiction.

I managed to go into this pretty unspoiled, even though it was extremely popular when it came out. I'm not sure how I've missed it for so long, because I really think it should be right up my alley- creepy old house, suspense, really interesting concept. I was very careful to stop the audiobook between chapters and note the chapter, so when I ever get caught up on my reading, I'm going to try it in print. I think that will work better for me.

Now, I know that it isn't really a time-travel book, but (spoilers) the main character is re-living one day in different characters, so it is like a time loop. I don't know what happens! Or how he got there, or what it is. I'm definitely going back to this book.

Sometimes, you get a book or a movie or something like that at the wrong time. I just finished re-watching The Bear and really liked it, but the first time I started watching it, I didn't get into it at all. I don't know why, because the second time, I got hooked fast.

Right now, I've maybe-temporarily abandoned an ARC and I'm reading a book that I checked out in May for AANHPI month. I think I'll get it finished just one month late, and a second one done in July. Better late than never. I knew I'd probably do this, but I told myself, it's always a good time to read a good book. I've also got a short book that's new and I can't renew it, so I'm going to try to get through it this weekend, and then by mid-July I will be ready to try another ARC. Then I can go back to Evelyn Hardcastle or get something new. Oh, and I'm finally trying to get into Ursula K. Le Guin- I've never read her and always meant to, so I've got that audiobook. It's not too much, is it?


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