about the blog

I have been a book nerd forever, and I love talking about the books I'm reading.  My hope is to get real conversations going here, and to give and get reading recommendations.  I also want to have a little structure to my reading life- more than a handwritten reading journal or Goodreads.

I''m here to provide a place for me and people like me to talk about one of the most important things in our lives- our reading.  It's so frustrating to be in love with a book and not have someone to talk to!  So it's my hope that people will see my posts and respond, so we can get a real conversation going.  Not just the latest, buzziest books, but all the books that we love or are destined to love.

I'm a librarian in Kentucky, and I write a little in my free time, and I read when I should be sleeping.  I've always thought of myself as a giant geek and a huge dork, but I mostly identify as a nerd and a half.