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Time Travel Titles

I've read a few really good time travel books in the past few years. I decided that I need to make a list. I'd love to get recommendations for similar books in the comments.

Books that I've read recently

This book came out in 2019, and it was one of my favorites of that year. I'll admit that I got confused a few times- it cuts from one character's present and then back to her past, and there's alot of time-travel going on, too. But it's worth the mental effort. It's a really weird book.

In this, time travel is a given. It has been a part of everyone's lives for a long time. To go back in time and make a change is called an edit. The main character belongs to a group that is keeping track of edits, thereby uncovering a plot.

It's creepy sometimes, and unsettling, but I really enjoyed it.

The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

I listened to this as an audiobook, and I loved it. I listened to alot of audiobooks while I was moving last summer, while I cleaned and unpacked. I wrote this one up then.

The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart

I wrote this book up when I had it as a galley, just before it published. I really liked it.

This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

This book was so popular and won awards, and honestly, I was a little let down by it. It's another one that I've read lately that I considered dropping at about 3/4 of the way in. I felt like it was alot of work for a love story. It would be difficult to explain, but it's in letters between two enemy combatants that write their letters in- you know what, I can't even remember. I don't mind weird, but I wanted more time travel stuff. It is interesting, so I think it's worth putting on the list. It's a very unique idea of time travel.


Two books that play with time but don't exactly have time travel

In the first title, a woman meets her past self and can't understand how she's interacting with her past. In the second, a man is re-born over and over again, keeping the memory of his past lives.

You Again by Debra Jo Immergut

I wrote about this book in Fall of 2020.

The covers for two books- You Again and Monster, She Wrote.  They don't have anything to do with each other, but both have the same shade of green.
I had matching books that month. Pretty!

This is a really interesting story. It's complicated and it's long, but it went by fast for me. I wrote it up here.


Maybe Someday

These are a few books that I may read in the future.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This one's going to be an HBO series soon.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

I've never read any Wells, and I feel the need to rectify that. Also, this is probably the all-time, number one classic in time travel stories, right?

It just sounds funny.

Here's the list as a PDF that you can print out and take to your library :)

time travel
Download PDF • 174KB

Please drop more titles in the comments section!


Some links are affiliate links to If you haven't shopped there, you should check them out. They support independent bookstores.

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