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Spooky season reads (and movies, and more)

Hand, Elizabeth- A Haunting on the Hill

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia- Silver Nitrate

Klinger, Leslie and Morton, Lisa- Ghost Stories: Classic Tales of Horror and Suspense

I didn't read as much scary stuff this year. I checked out Ghost Stories and realized that I'd read most of them already, but I like re-reading and one or two of them were new. I wasn't wild about A Haunting on the Hill while I was reading it, but it's an authorized sequel to The Haunting of Hill House, and that's one of my favorites. Nothing was going to live up to it. Maybe "live" isn't the right word. There were so many new elements added in that I thought it felt like reading something that wasn't in any way connected to Hill House, so it was weird that they kept mentioning it. As a random haunted house story, I think I would've liked it better. But it kept me glued to it and pretty creeped out.

I passed on Silver Nitrate this summer but I read a description of it earlier this week and thought it sounded properly creepy, and it was. I think that I liked it better than Mexican Gothic.


The Haunting (the better one) (1963)

I hadn't watched the 1999 version of The Haunting since it was in theaters, but I picked it up on a whim at the library, and it was as bad as I remembered. I LOVE the 1963 version, and I watch it on Halloween night. The others aren't scary but have horror elements that I love.

Podcasts and other audio:

Uncanny is really scary. I've been enjoying it. There's a book and a tv show that I haven't been able to get yet. Ghost Story hasn't been scary yet, but I'm interested so I'm going to go on with it. The Price of Fear was available via Libby and my library. It's Vincent Price telling scary stories with some other actors playing parts, some background music and sound effects. I'm enjoying it.

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