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Halloween scary reading 2020!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Over the last few years, I've come to love Halloween again as much as I used to love it as a kid. I usually start reading scary stuff somewhere between mid-September and early October, so that by the time Halloween comes around, I've scared myself half to death and can't sleep for a few nights. Throw in some candy, and that's an awesome holiday.

This is the first year I've made myself a list of books to read. I've already started on it. I'm ridiculously excited.

The first two books were already on my shelf. I picked up The Only Good Indians as a galley at the Public Library Association conference. I didn't plan to save it for October, but here we are. I've been looking forward to this one for ages.

I also made a trip to Parnassus Books while at the conference, and picked up Monster, She Wrote. It's about women writers who contributed to sci-fi and horror, like Mary Shelley and Shirley Jackson.

I had some books tagged as scary in a library app, so I added the one that has been on my list the longest, Uncle Silas. The cover is a really creepy painting of a woman with very white skin and black hair, holding her head at an odd angle and looking out of the painting as if she's looking at something standing behind you. Don't really know what it's about, but it's an old, scary-looking book. Good enough for me.

Another that I had saved is Let the Right One In, which I've been meaning to read for forever. I remember that the movie was a big deal when it came out, but I thought it might be too scary for me. Hopefully the book won't be?

I remembered a book that I meant to put in my Goodreads list called The Uninvited, with a picture of a white or light-grey house on the cover, but I couldn't find it when I went looking. I did find two other books titled The Uninvited, which sound fantastic. I added those to my list, and then later, by luck, I saw what I was looking for in my app's search history. Not The Uninvited, The Invited. So, I checked that out,

I also have a Barnes & Noble book of ghost stories that will keep me busy if I have time after these, but I also have four or five other books checked out! I've been putting holds on new books about to come out and not noticing the dates, so I'll have several things come in at once. Not a bad problem to have.

I'll write these up when I've read them!

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