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Post 1. I am born

Whether I shall turn out to be the heroine of my own reading life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.

So, why another books blog?

I want a place to discuss whatever I’m reading- and whatever you’re reading. I want intelligent discussion without academic language or disparagement of a fan’s enthusiasms. I want a hodge-podge of new books and old books, discussions about individual titles that turn into a read-along of the author’s other works, then turns into a conversation about how our relationships with beloved books change over time. I want smart books- general fiction, some sci-fi and fantasy, an occasional historical fic or mystery, maybe once in a blue moon a domestic thriller or horror. I want to read more poetry and compare notes on the best lines. I want conversations about Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Tolkien that just go on and on and never come to a close. I want a forum where we talk about Shakespeare and Tolkien, maybe even on the same page. Jane Austen and Harry Potter. The Secret Garden and The Secret History. Maybe some kids’ books, maybe some YA. Whatever someone’s reading and really excited about.

I read Circe two years ago and still want to be talking about it.

Join me?

P.S. I am totally the heroine of my own reading life :)

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