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Christmas books for Christmas gifts

I love Christmas, and I love books, and I love books about Christmas. Sometimes I give Christmas books or music as gifts and send them on early so they can be enjoyed during the season. These are some of my faves. I've had some of them forever. A few of them have Borders price stickers. (RIP Borders.)

These letters were written to the children of J. R. R. Tolkien each year from Father Christmas himself (believe it or not). The letters tell sometimes hilarious stories of mishaps at the north pole, usually perpetrated by Santa's good friend, the North Polar Bear. The illustrations are beautiful. I picked this book up years ago, and have been so glad to see a new edition out.

Dickens, Charles and Lynch, P. J., illus- A Christmas Carol, illustrated

Does anyone really need two copies of this book? Why, yes, we do, because one of them is illustrated, and one of them has extra stories, see? I'm putting in a picture from the illustrated edition, because the link that I found in Bookshop doesn't have a picture of the beautiful cover!

I know it's not a great picture, but you can see how pretty the illustrations are.

If you liked the movie, you'll like the book!

Clement, Clarke Moore and Sabuda, Robert, illus- Night Before Christmas Pop-Up

The classic poem, but with pop-ups. They are really pretty, and many of them move! I've had mine for a really long time, but it is still holding up. Sometimes I get it out and open it up for a decoration.

I love Christmas, and I love reading about it. I don't know how many times I've read A Christmas Carol, but I feel like I could recite it. (Haven't tried yet.)

I'd love to hear about anyone else's favorite Christmas books to give as gifts or just your favorite.

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