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2022 reading challenge: read my own shelves

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I've seen this come up on other book blogs, so it seems to be a pretty popular resolution. I decided last summer, when I got my books out of storage and arranged them on my new shelves, that this would be my next challenge.

Each month, I'll choose a book from a shelf with at least one unread book on it. I've chosen a history of London from my nonfiction shelf to start. I've had it since 2005- the year I studied abroad in grad school. (I'm old!) I bought it when I was in London because a) I loved the city so much and b) it was on a buy two-get-one sale. So, I picked it up and read the first page a few times, but I was reading for class and picking up novels and going around to plays and museums, and never got far into this book.

I've been reading it on my lunch breaks, and it's really interesting. I've been reading about Roman Britain. I brought it home for the weekend but it lost out to a sci-fi galley, but I'll probably finish it this month. It's a short book.

I also picked up The Year of the Introvert by Michaela Chung. I'm not sure if it should count for the challenge since it's meant to be read one entry at a time over the year.

I thought that I might read two nonfiction books complete and had a Brene Brown picked out, but I've been listening to alot of audiobooks and poking around in sewing books because I'm determined that this is the year I sew myself something that fits. So, one non-fiction book off my shelf will have to do.

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