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2022 favorite books

Novik, Naomi- A Deadly Education (fantasy, 2020, e-audio)

Language studies and survival skills

Liu, Cixin- The Three-body Problem (sci-fi, 2014, print)

Remembrance of Earth's past trilogy

Weill, Kelly- Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe Anything (non-fiction, 2022, print)

Trying to understand conspiracy theorists

Binet, Laurent and Sam Taylor, translator- Civilizations (historic fiction, 2021, print)

I don't know who to root for in Civilizations

Mandel, Emily St. John - Sea of Tranquility (sci-fi/literary, 2022, print)

The pandemic books are upon us

House, Silas- Lark Ascending (speculative/literary, 2022, print)

I didn't write a post about this when I read it. I tweeted "I am completely wrecked, but I loved it." It's set in the not-very-distant future, in which the US is plagued by wildfires and totalitarian rulers. The main character, Lark, escapes with his parents and three friends to live off the land. This isn't giving too much away, I think, because all this is just the set-up. The imagined problems, dangers, and heartaches seemed all too probable to me, and sometimes the book was hard to read, but I think it's important to read explorations of what can happen if environmental problems and threats to democracy run on unabated. The book was sad, but it wasn't all hopeless. I really think that everyone should read it.


This list has more books that came out this year on it.

It's listing towards sci-fi. Not a surprise. But I like that there's a smattering of other genres.

The links in the titles are to, and the titles underneath are to when I wrote about them on the blog earlier this year, except for Lark, Ascending.

Happy New Year, and Happy Reading.

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