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The Kaiju Preservation Society

This was a quick, fun read. I was slightly annoyed that all the characters had very similar speech patterns and the same sense of humor. But, I suppose Buffy the Vampire Slayer was like that too, and I loved that show at the time. I suspect that for anyone who is a Scalzi fan, it won't be an issue.

A man loses his job after being laid-off by an evil billionaire, and by chance lands a high-paying job in The Kaiju Preservation Society. In some places, the barrier between our universe and the next one is thin, and the kaiju can wander over. (Think Godzilla). None of this is spoiler.

Part of the book is an interesting look at how a completely different kind of life might develop on a different world, and some of it is about how evil and stupid billionaires are.

Anyone who wants a sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic adventure story with monsters should give this one a try. You'd probably like it if you liked Jurassic Park ALOT.

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