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The Book of Magic preview

This kind of fell flat to me, but I already know that I'm going to read it again. I want to read the Practical Magic series in chronological order someday. (That's Magic Lessons, The Rules of Magic, Practical Magic, and then The Book of Magic. And then probably read them in the order they were written again.) Having said that, I went through this fast, but it started to get on my nerves a bit. Maybe because there were so many characters that they didn't all feel developed, even though the fact that it brought three generations of the Owens family together was what excited me so much when the book was announced. I will say that I liked Francis and Jet the most of the three generations, and enjoyed the mentions of Maria Owens. One of the characters, Sally Owens, takes over the town library, which got on my nerves. People in books and movies who decide to fall back on librarianship can always get a full-time job while some of us who got a degree have a horrible time catching a decent job. I forgave her though because apparently it isn't a public library and her family owns it or something. (Weird?) There's alot of love at first sight which I liked in the first book but there's just so much of it. Much of the book centers around Sally's daughter Kylie, but after having read it, I couldn't describe except that she's tall and described as "a true beauty." This is a good deal of complaining for a book I've already said that I'm going to read more than once, but sometimes I fly through a book to see what happens and then go back and read it slowly. And I think that maybe I have to be in the right mood for something like this. Some cool, dark day late in autumn, I'll read it again.

If you read the other books and liked them, you should read it.

Thanks for the advance copy, Netgalley.

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