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In the footsteps of Jane Austen and L. M. Montgomery: books about their homes

What do these two authors have in common? Maybe not much. They were from different countries (Austen in England and Montgomery in Canada). They were from different eras (Austen in the Regency and Montgomery publishing from Anne of Green Gables in 1908 ant then spanning into the 1930s). Their books are focused on women, were written with humor, and are among my favorites, so they have those things in common.

Also, I found two books about their homes on the library shelf one summer not long ago. I checked the books out together so now they're connected in my mind, if nowhere else.

The page for this book says that it's temporarily out-of-stock, and I hope it really is temporary, because I'd love to get myself a copy. Anyone who has read anything by Montgomery knows the beauty that she describes in the landscapes of her books. I hope someday to be able to see her beloved Prince Edward Island myself. It sounds amazing in her books, and there are some absolutely beautiful photos in this book. Besides these landscape photos, there are pictures of places from Montgomery's real life, and pictures from the Green Gables tourist stop.

I linked to the author's site for this one because it isn't on bookshop. It's another that I hope to get a copy of to keep someday. I learned alot about Austen's birthplace and her time in Bath from this book. I loved seeing pictures of the places, like Bath, that she wrote about in her books. I got to see Bath once, on a day trip during a study abroad, but the book was pointing out places where it's known that Austen lived or visited. And of course there are beautiful pictures of her home at Chawton, which I didn't get to visit and am really, really hoping to get to see someday.

Hopefully, you can find a copy of these books to at least borrow. If you love these authors as I do, I promise they're worth a look.

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