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A DNF list for the winter. Just couldn't do it.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Megan Hunter- The Harpy

Kevin Wilson- The Family Fang

David Leavitt- Shelter in Place

Karen Swan- The Paris Secret

G. M. Malliet - Wicked Autumn

Megan Hunter- The Harpy: I read two books last year named The Furies, so I thought, great, a harpy, maybe I'll find a book about a hydra next. This was really well-reviewed, but I thought it was just miserable. I didn't get very far into it. There was something dreary about the writing; I don't know.

Kevin Wilson- The Family Fang: I wanted to like this book. The relationship between the adult siblings seemed promising, but it wasn't enough for me. I think that the awful parents were supposed to be funny, but they made me sad. Maybe if I tried it at another time, I'd like it. I read Nothing to See Here by Wilson and really liked it.

David Leavitt- Shelter in Place: This opens up with a question at a dinner party of whether or not you would ask Siri how to assassinate Donald Trump, but it's just rich people's nonsense after that. At least for the couple of chapters I got through.

Karen Swan- The Paris Secret: I got this as an audio book to listen to while knitting. All through the first chapter, I kept thinking, who talks like this and trying to figure out the decade it's set in. I listened to about a half a chapter after that. I didn't really dislike it; I just didn't like it enough to turn it back on.

G. M. Malliet - Wicked Autumn: Another audio book that I checked out and listened to for about an hour. I thought that this one was kind of mean. You know from the beginning who will be murdered- the thoroughly unpleasant bossy woman. Apparently, she thinks too much of herself, and her eyeliner isn't on straight. It reminded me very much of a middle-school "she thinks she's all that, but her eyeliner ain't right and she curls her hair too tight" vibe. I didn't enjoy middle school and don't care for it in a mystery book for adults. We already knew she was going to be murdered; it just felt like overkill to keep kicking her.

I tried a few other books but don't consider them real DNFs since I just sampled a few pages and might go back to a couple of them later.

Anyone else give up on a book lately? No judgement here! I have plowed through a couple lately because of my reading challenge, and I'm not sure it's worth it.

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